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It is not possible to get Premium account free of cost because someone buy it with spend some money or get it by collector account by uploading some files, collector account is time consuming work. And of-course  nobody want to share his or her premium account if any body saying something like that it means he or her cheating with you, the reason is not sharing their account becoz most people are cheat they change the password some-how. If we suppose that the account is secured and some one share it then what is the guaranty it will be not share with more than one people. More people more traffic consume and when owner need this, what he or she get '0' zero left.
So no body want to take this kind of risk. If rapidshare find shared account they can ban that account. So don't search do as i am saying. I was just like you 5 years ago always searching for premium account believe me or not its very funny i am still not found any account which works. Now all depends on you, search new account or do what i written below.
First metod by survey, you have to register at survey site. it is free no hidden charges.
Another way is adsense. For much know about adsense click adsence . For this purpose it required site or blog with good amount of quality post. Place adsense ads, if you want to learn more how you can make money  in short time send mail at angelsunl7@gmail.com, 
Third method: upload some file having size 6MB to rapidshare  distribute it to your friend to download, when you accumulate 10,000 points redeem it for premium account

Here is the way to get rapidshare premium account by first Method by survey.

Follow the whole procedure to get it.

1. First of all you should have Paypal account so go to paypal.com and sign up there using your  email account, you have no need for credit card untill you want to cashout to your bank account. Activate your paypal  account for redeem money which you accumulate . with paypal you can buy directly and if you have money in your alertpay account you can buy premium account from one of the reseller. For reseller address see FAQ in rapidshare site. To know about alertpay click here.

2. Here we came to the main point how to earn money for buy premium account.Actually you have to complete some survey  by surfing some sites and write about those sites few word.which will be of cost $1 to $6 for each survey. Each survey takes only five to six min. when you complete the survey you will be credited $1 - $6 in you account. For this signup here A.W. Surveys

3. Complete all survey given in your account untill there is no survey left. You will also get $6 on your free welcome survey for signup. When new survey announces complete them imediately before withdraw.

4. To get more and more go to your referral section there you will find your referral link.Distribute it to your friends and others this is necessary because you will get $ 1.25 for each of your friend signup by your referral link. Remember this ok.

5. When you account balance reached $ 75 you can cash out and it will give you through your paypal account. Now go to Rapidhare.com and buy your own premium account through your paypal account.

6. Note that do not cheat by making other fake accounts because this will lead your A.W. Surveys account deletion. So be smart and do not cheat because thieves always caught sooner or later.

7. Also note that do not forget to sign in your account within 45 days . If you unable to do this it can also lead to your account deletion due to long time inactivity. Good Luck.

Spread your link as much as possible.But don't forget to login within 45 days and perform every
survey every month. And suggest these things to your referals.

This method is little bit slow but works,You have to try this,it cost nothing  but free and only take few minutes.

Another Method to Earn Money is by uploading Wallpapers or Pictures.

You have to create account and upload really good wallpapers which attract people to see them. When any visitor see these pictures you will earn few money and earning is limitless. It depends on you how much you want to earn, so go and signup and upload Pictures or wallpapers of good quality.

Warnings : Do not upload Nude or porn Material of any kind. For terms see faq. If you upload these type of material your account will be deleted. and one condition is more do not click your own wallpapers if your Ip address is static or Fixed.

Tips : 1. You can spread your wallpapers link through making your own photo blogs or through many popular forums, sites, Social Networks like Orkut etc.
2. Do not click your own wallpapers or photo's if your Ip address is Fixed.
3. Do not click Your wallpapers when you are logged in.
4. Never click your own wallpapers from same Ip Address from which you login and logout , Change IP address first.
5. Never try to click wallpapers from Proxy sites. As you know these type of sites use few fixed Ip address for free users and these address are known by max all sites and webmasters.

Visit site 

Third Method To Earn Money is By Uploading Files, Music etc.

 This is also known good method to earn from files, wallpapers, Music etc.

How it works ?

Actually you have to upload some files in Zip format, Music files etc. When some one download these files you will earn. There are many sites giving money by this method but here i will tell you about only one site, which is best.

Warnimgs : Do not Upload Warez Files like Pirate Softwares, Games,Movies etc. It is because in the end during cashout they will cause some problem not to pay you for warez. So avoid it as much as you can.

Tips : 1. Spread links through various methods like Forum, Blogs, Sites, Email,Social Networks etc.

2. If you want to upload warez then Always change the original name with  non warez things. and don't forget to mention about original name where you place these links.

3. Always Zip your files with winzip or winrar and protect them with passwords so that owner of this site not able to find what is in the zip file. and never forget to provide password of file where you put these link. Like if you  place your link in warez board then also mention there password of these files.

Go to site for Signup


Aunty Lover said...

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Sunil said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Alam said...

Hey,Is it really work? I need Rapidshare account in urgent.

sunl said...

Of-course it works, Why will i waste my time for writing useless article, I am not giving any guarantee that you will get account immediately in one or two days, You need some patience,little work and little bit skill,with this combination you will get account soon ( its all depends on your efforts).

I write this article because first time i search for rapidshare account in 2003 and from that time i have not find any account, yes i found some sites which says they have premium account generator but all are scams, Some take to survey sites and if you complete survey you will get nothing, some sites generate links but they are just like free download links and having limits of 3 or 5 daily.

Guys believe me you will never get account in near future until rapidshare itself provide premium account for free, and it will be never happened. I am saying this because i try this , i buy rapidshare premium account and share it with other people but after 4 days rapidshare change my password with message that your account was accessed from many IPs (means from many country) it may be possible that some one hack your account and make it public so we change your password for you, if it happen again your account will be canceled but i didn't care of this warning and again share with others so after 10 days they cancel my account. Then i found that rapidshare track premium account by not only cookies but also by Ips. So in near future you will not able to get free premium account but waste your time,

So why not try above trick, I have given some tips follow those tips and warnings, if you know more tricks share here with us to help others earn money rapidly for rapidshare.

The theme is if you can not follow above tricks no one can help you. If you think some one will spend 7euro and give it to you forget it, there are more than 100 people search rapodshare account and no one can afford 700euro for donation daily.

If you think this article is also scam and bogus than best of luck for rapidshare account searching.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the rapidshare tips

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osman said...

Hello Friends

Are you searching for rapidshare premium Account

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