Remote Upload from Rapidshare to megaupload

Remote Upload from to

1. For this you must have rapidshare and Megauoload both Premium accounts.
if you have both these, then follow these steps.

2. Login to rapidshare premium account,You need Premium cookie for this
Go to ( C:\Documents and Settings\your computername\Cookies ), Find
your computername@rapidshare[1] file and open it. There you will see
(user="905544-%67%f5%34%22%87%55%16%d6%56%c5%33%t7%03%47"; )
Copy this code in red.

Note : Your computer name means the name given during istallation of window.
For to know this click start button on your main screen on top of the window
is your computer name.

3. Now Login to Megaupload premium account. (For Multifetch) (For transferstatus) (For Cookie Manager)

Copy and paste blue link in internet explorer, here you will see blank fields fill these fields
just like in Image first below

5. Copy and paste Rapidshare's simple links just like in Image second and click
Fetch File.

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