Make Money With Your site or Blog : Here is list of some Best sites for earning

Ad-sense are google ads or advertisements which you always see on maximum sites displaying banner ads or text ads.Google is monster in this field but there also many other sites which sell ads and these are monster too and if you are publisher means you have your own web-site or blog then you can signup in there publisher account, verify account generate codes and past it in your site or blog where you want to display that ads. Different sites use different method like Text ads, Inline ads, Banner ads, Popup ads, Full page ads,Peel-of ads, Video ads etc. When Visitor like you click these adds it generate points for money which can be seen by login in publisher account by owner. So don't forget to click these ads when you find something you were searching for appreciation and thanks. ha ha its joke nobody can force you to click adds its all depend on you.

Now here is list of Some Advertisement websites where you can
signup, I personally find these sites good if you know some more
sites please share with me here. I am listing here only those sites
which not bother about how much click your site generate daily.
They let you signup, in one condition your site have good material
so that it attrac people. so regularly update your blog or site with
usefull articles and posts.

Note : Note that never publish add of different ads serving company ( having same type of methods) on same site, you know its rivality proble. But you can publish different type of ads format on same site. So i divided these ads formate in to groups for your convinience
,choose only one company ads for your site but if you have creativity and more time to develope more sites then you can signup with an-other company and publish their ads on that site.
Type one
Banner Ads and Text ads : Google, Adbrite and Bivertiser use this format so choose one.

Add Types
Text Ads, Banner Ads,Inline Ads,Full page Ads,BritPic,
Much you get clicks much you get money but do not click your own adds it will lead
to ban you for much clicks post good material on the site to attract more visitors.
Payment by Check.

This also a good site like Adbrite , Serve Text ads and Banner Ads.

They have also a good referal system to earn more.
Pay by pay-pal or Checks
Ckick Here to go to site
Type Two
popup ads: Ads popup when visitor came to your site paypopup and
Popuptraffic use this type of formate so choose one site.

With paypopup, here is little problem they only approve sites which have monthly
5000 visitors if your site fullfill this condition then signup, but with this you can get
good referal level if you refer some one.

The current referral structure is as follows:
  1. Level One (direct referrals) =10%
  2. Level Two (indirect referrals) = 5%
  3. Level Three (indirect referrals) = 2%
  4. Level Four (indirect referrals) = 2%
  5. Level Five (indirect referrals) = 1%
Payment by Paypal
To go this site Click here


Another-site which is popup generating ads site, this site is also good
and gives 10% referal earning. They have no problem for site traffic.
Payment by Paypal
Go to this site for signup
Type Three :
Totally Adult ads if you have site with adult material
then these sites are best instead of simple ads, these generate huge
sum, only if you have adult site. Adultfrienfinder and Blacklabel ads
use this type of ads formate so choose only one.

This is big and reputated site in industry surving adult ads. If you have adult site then use this site for ads. Signup as Affiliate they have huge collection of bannera and Video ads. All are pay per click ads and also provide Percentage Program ads, Per Order Payout ads.
Payment by checks
This is the Adult ads serving site of Adbrite, You have no need to signup again.
If you have already adbrite account login with it in blacklabel site. Put information
generate code and publish where you want.


This site is also good because you can put this site with any other sites.
One thing i specially mentioning here is this site provide CPM banner ads so you have not to worry about click ads of your site. If you site have lots of daily visitor then you will earn ultra fast speed. Note that you can place only two banners on one site but don't worry they have also other methods like Pop-under, Raw Click, and Blind Click programs etc you can place these ads to with CPM banners. Go to this site

Signup Here


Earn $$ with WidgetBucks!

Earn $$ with WidgetBucks!

Wid get bucks is also good site which provide Pure CPM Banners ads and Popup ads. This site is also good money making system because this is CPM Banner Ads system, you just have to put code in your site or Blog and forget about it money will generate automatically because these banners not depend upon visitors clicks to earn system purly depend on Banner impressions, if your site or Blog have good traffic you will earn a lot . This is also important site because it is pure non adult site. Go tho site click here

Signup here


Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.
What is Paypal?
Paypal is like online Banking Site. It is in this Bussiness from years. Paypal is accepted by most of sites in the web world if you want to buy something from shoping sites paypal account is the best. Signup to paypal account it is necessory if you want money by paypal account from ads serving sites. It is also the safest way to get money if you are running a warez sites.
For signing to paypal Click here


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I have built a similar list of AdSense Alternatives which might be useful to your readers. Or you could add some from these!

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