Add Blogger Avatar in Comment Section

How to add Avatar in Blogger Comments?

This trick will add Avatar in Comment Section in blogger posts. This trick is only for those templates in which avatar is not showing.

Actually blogger add this feature very recently in blogger or blogspot templates. It is inbuilt or in default for blogger templates now. But for those templates which are older and made before this feature you have to add few lines of code which i will tell you step by step.

Note: First backup your current template by download it. For download go to Layout, Click "Edit Template" and Download Full Template, Save it to your PC hard drive at appropriate location for easily find.

Now For Adding Code in Template

Step;1 - First Mark Box of  "Expand Widget Templates" this will expand the template to full.

Step; 2 - In template find this line in color box below, You can find it easily by pressing Ctrl F by your key board, a popup box will appear copy and paste this line in box and click search, if line is there it will highligt, if not pressent box will show message not found.
<dl id='comments-block'>

Step; 3 - Now replace the above line with line given in color box below.
<dl expr:class='data:post.avatarIndentClass' id='comments-block'>

Step; 4 - In this step find this line given in box below just like find in step-1
<a expr:name='data:comment.anchorName'/>

Step; 5 - In step five replace the line of step-4 with this whole code given in color box below.
<b:if cond='data:comment.favicon'>
<img expr:src='data:comment.favicon' height='16px' style='margin-bottom:-2px;' width='16px'/>
<a expr:name='data:comment.anchorName'/>
<b:if cond='data:blog.enabledCommentProfileImages'>
<div expr:class='data:comment.avatarContainerClass'>

Step; 6 - Now Save the template and proceed further.

Step; 7 - This is the step for adding default image. For adding this find this line ]]></b:skin>you can find it by scrolling down, for easy find unmark Expand Widget Templates.

Step; 8 - Place given code in color box below just one step above line find out in step-7.
.avatar-image-container {background:url(; width:35px;height:35px; }
.avatar-image-container img { border:none;}

Save template and you have done. See you post having any comment to check if this hack working.

Important : I have noticed that many template have not line ( ) for this type of template you have to done little more work. So i have add more steps for this type of templates.

Step; 9 - If above hack didn't worked. Find line given in color box below like as in step-1.
<b:loop values='data:post.comments' var='comment'>

Step; 10 - Place this code in color box below just after the above line in step-9. In this case step-5 Ignored.
<dt><b:if cond='data:comment.favicon'>
<img expr:src='data:comment.favicon' height='16px' style='margin-bottom:-2px;' width='16px'/>
<a expr:name='data:comment.anchorName'/>
<b:if cond='data:blog.enabledCommentProfileImages'>
<div expr:class='data:comment.avatarContainerClass'>

Save the template and Check if its worked

Code for Related Post Widget for Bloggers

Code for Related Post Widget for Bloggers

With Implementing this Code in your Template you will able to show your visitor Related Post Articles in every post at the end. This widget show all related post which have same labels so include as many labels as possible in every post below right hand side box in your  editor. But remember these label should really related with post otherwise you will make this widget source of spam. So do not add labels which are not in any way related to that specific post.

Now here is Code and Implementation guide how to add this widget. But before making any changes you have to download your current Template by Click Download Full Template at top in Edit HTML section with this backup you will be able to revert template to its original state if any problem occurred during adding this widget.

Step. 1- Login your blogger account.

Step. 2- Click Dashboard then Layout then Edit HTML, Take backup of your template as said above.

Step. 3- Click  box  above at template editor.

Step. 4- Search </head> tag it will be somewhere in middle your template, if you are not able to find it then press ctrl f ( control f) in your keyboard a popup box appear, search this tag by copy pate in this search box.

Step. 5- Copy and Paste given code below just one line above it as shown below.

Inbuilt Label Cloud or Tag Cloud in Blogger

Inbuilt Label Cloud or Tag Cloud in Blogger

Blogger recently add this in widget section you can add this from widget section. To add Label Cloud or Tag Cloud, go to admin section by login blogger by your google or gmail account. Click layout  add widget, when you click this link a popup window will appear, scroll down to see Labels, Click this you will setting page, here you can set values of label cloud like if you want to change Labels into Tag Cloud or Label Cloud. You can show all labels or only selected ones. Sorting the labels by alphabetically or by frequency, now at the fourth point Display you have to mark cloud. At last step  mark if you want to show no. of post per label or unmark if not want to show post no. This widget has main problem you can not change color of labels, it sticks with sidebar text color, if you want to change the color of tags then you have to add it through template for code and method see this post.

Add Friends Blog with recent post

Add Friends Blog with recent post with thumbnail 

( Blogroll or Recent Post widget)

This is also known as blogroll in blogger.Show off what you read with a blogroll of your favorite blogs. Now blogger add this widget in there gadget section.You can add this widget from there in your blog. Follow these steps to add this widget.

1. Login your blogger account.
2. Click Layout.
3. Click Add a Gadget, where you want to place this widget.
4. In the popup window Scroll down below in Basic section.
5. You will see Widget having title Blog List Click this widget.
6. Add blogs you want to list in blogroll by clicking ADD TO LIST.
7. Choose values like Title of most recent item,Thumbnail of most recent item,Snippet of most recent item,Date of last update.
 8. Finally save widget, see you blog.

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3. Do not click your own wallpapers when logged in or logged out from same IP.

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2. Do not click your own wallpapers or photo's if yourIP Address is Fixed.
3. Do not click Your wallpapers when you are logged in.
4. Never click your own wallpapers from same Ip Address from which you login and logout , Change IP address first.
5. Never try to click wallpapers from Proxy sites. As you know these type of sites use few fixed Ip address for free users and these address are known by max all sites and webmasters.

Automatic Ping Sites

 What is Pinging?

Pinging is the information to send those sites which index feed of blogs. When you make post on your blog these sites index information of that post but this is not automatic, actually you have to inform them about your post. This is done by sending ping to sites. But it will be very tedious to send ping one by one. Now if you find some site which send ping to many sites at once, hows that. These are sites which send ping at once, . You have to put your blog name and blog url check sites where you want to send ping and click Send Pings or Ping now respectively.

Recent Post Widget

Add Recent Post Widget in Blogs

When you add this widget in your blog, it will show all your recent post to visitors.This is nice way to tell visitors what is updated on your blog. In the past time it was difficult to include this widget because addind of code to template. And every bloggers  have no knowledge of editing templates. But now blogspot include it, you have to do only some clicks. To include this in your blog.

1. Login your blogger account.
2. Click Layout.
3. Click Add a Gadget, where you want to place this widget.
4. In the popup window click featured.
5. Here you will see two type of gadgets,
    (a) Blogger Recent Posts
    (b) Recent Posts Advanced.
    the difference is that (a) is simple and (b) has more options like
    thumbnails etc.
6. Addition of (a) : It has 6 coloum,you can edit and choose options.
7. Addition of (b) :It has 11 options.Editing is same above but here
    difference is that you have to put site url in coloum three in Blog Url.

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