Add Contact Me Form in Blog

How To Add Contact Me Form In Your Blog.

Contact me form is to contact you by your visitor for any purpose like link exchange, ask something personally etc.
Do you want to add Contact Me form in your blog but don't know how? Here i am giving little tutorial to implement this. You can do this by google doc. Login your google doc with your Google ID or Gmail ID,Blogger ID etc. If you have not create one before.

Here is Step By Step Tutorial:

1. Login your google account.
2. Click on New at Upper Left side and then click Form fom drop down
3. It will be look like this in Fig-1.

                                                           Fig -1  

4.  Now start to Edit this form. On the Top first give this form Name
     to distinguish from other form, if you want more form. In second
     coloum write any message for your visitor.

5. From this point your real editing started. Do as below to make
    contact us form.
   Change : Sample Question 1  ---->  Your Name  ( Mark check Box,
    Mark this a required Question and then Press OK).
6. Now Go below Sample Question 2 and Click pencile logo to Edit
    Second Field.
    Change :Sample Question 2   ----> Your Email ( do as above to
    make it required field).
7. Now go to Top left side and click Add Item, Choose Paragraph Text
    from drop down menu.
     Change : Untitled Question to   -----> Your message  ( do as above
      to make it required field).
8. Your form look Like this.

                                                          Fig -2
9. You can see preview to click link at You can view the published
     form here:----- at bottom of your form.
10. Now you reguired HTML code to Embed this form. For get code
      click More actions at Top right. Click Embed, a window popup
       with code copy this code and paste in your Blog.
11. Where to Embed ?
       For this lohin your blogger account, click new Post and paste this
       code here. Publish this post.
12. Now problem is this post is at top of the blog and you want to at
      lower. Don't worry just change date of your post to older one
      what you want. For changing date click Post Options below and
       Change Month to older one.

Still have problem ask in comment Box and i will solve it.


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