How to Make Scrolling Text with Hyper Link

How to Make Scrolling Text with Hyper Link ( Marquee With Hyper Link)

It is very difficult to attact visitors for your specific post,Speciaaly when you are using  Platform of Blogspot, As you know Blogspot has not much tactics to attract visitors, so shouid have some knowledge of  html codes.
Here i will tell you about Scrolling Text also known as Marquee in htmal Language. The main feature of this scrolling text is HyperLink in  which you can make text clickable by visitor to navigate visitor to specific page.

For Making Hyper link Scrolling Text.

1. Login your blogger account.
 2. Click Layout.
3. Then Click 'Add a Gadget' this will popup a new window.
4. In a new popup window click HTML/JavaScript.
5. A Blank window will appear, Copy and past Code (In red box)
    in this window.
<marquee behavior="scroll" direction="left" bgcolor="#99FFFF" onmouseover="this.stop()" onmover="this.stop()" onmouseout="this.start()" scrollamount="4"> <a href="url#1">LINK#1</a> <a href="url#2">LINK#2</a> <a href="url#3"&gt;LINK#3</a> </marquee>

6. Change url#1,url#2,url#3 with site url link.
7. Change LINK#1,LINK#2,LINK#3 with Text you wnt to give your link.
8.  You can change the colour of you text Link by changing colour code
    of  #99FFFF, You can use other colou code instead of this colour. 
9. you can also change speed of scrolling Text by changing
    (scrollamount="4") value 4 to any number.


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laptop lcd screen said...

great way,,,,, really amazing

versasol said...

Its very nice trick to attract viewer
in Blog to tell them what is special
in the blog, lot of thanks for this trick.

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