How to Index links in Google Search Engine

How can Index links in Google Search Engine

1. Make a blog or website if you have not already.

2. Put some good material in your blog or site and publish them.

3. Make google account.

4. Go to google webmaster tool in google account. If you not find it in your account put in 'Internet explorer' and go.Enter your google account ID and password for log in.

5. In your google account you will see add site or click here to add site, Put your blog or website URL in this field and press add site.

6. Now you will see verify your site click this link, you will see
NOT VERIFIED. Now what you have to do is in choose verification method from drop downmenu choose 'Add a meta tag' it will show meta tag some thing like this (meta name="verify-v1" content="EaSnM1eC5MGN/1P8el4vGU8ElA=/>) copy and paste this meta tag in your blog html file just below like this <Head> After you done  save your html file.

7. Go to your google webmaster account again and you will see verify button. Press this button. You will see Verification Status:

8. Now click on the sitemaps on the left side button, it will show page says submit sitemap put in blank field ( feeds/posts/default?orderby=updated ) and click on Submit sitemap button, now it will show you status Pending, wait for 24 hours or may be more to show status OK. You can not do anything further this but just wait because google check this submission and will turn to ok so don't worry. Google will soon crawl your blog or site and index links.

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