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Find out, how you can Add Link to us in your Blog
This is very simple just make web button for making button go to ( site. Input your desire values and colour, your site name,site url and push submit. Copy this generated button on your desk top and upload to good picture hosting site replace my url with your url and copy paste whole thing on your site. If you not know how to do this, Paste it where you insert your html code.For bloggers login your account then layout-> Add a Gadget->HTML/JavaScript->Past code in this popup box and save

<textarea rows="3" cols="22" name="Link to Us" readonly="readonly"><a href="" target="_blank" title="Tips for New Bloggers"><img border="0" alt="Tips for New Bloggers" width="80" src="" height="15"/></a></textarea>
The code is given in the box above, you have to do is change the replace the link of my blog with your blog link, "given in Blue". For button change link in green with your photo or button link.
 Friends if you like this post helping add my blog in your friends list, Copy and paste link given in the box below in your html box.

Tips for New Bloggers


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